Banex for Commercial Banks

Are you missing your sales targets because your prospects fear switchover costs and risks?

What if you could help your new customers onboard faster by automating their switchover process?
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Five ways Banex helps you beat your competition

Win more commercial bank customers, faster.

Reduce sales friction and make it easy for your customers to buy.

Grab market share from your competition.

Improve customer experience by reducing errors.

Set the stage to sell additional services.

How Banex does it

Onboard Faster

Banex transitions payments and statement data feeds so your customers can switch from your competitors to your bank faster.

Operate Better

Banex automates your payments and statement data feeds, preventing disruptions and improving customer satisfaction.

Safe and Secure

Banex ensures your payments and statement data transfers are secure, so you can take advantage of the latest security protocols and standards.

Why your teams will love Banex

Commercial Sales Teams
Achieve sales growth targets more easily by eliminating a significant objection.
Relationship  Managers
Increase your relationship footprint and improve customer satisfaction.
Product Managers
Remove the barriers that prevent new customers from buying your service offerings.
Technology Support Teams
Reduce your switchover efforts and lower the cost of customer support

Onboard new commercial customers within a matter of days, not a matter of months.

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